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"Working with Tom and Jo Ann was a fantastic experience. Prior to visiting Peachtree City, I scanned listings on line and worked with Tom to determine the best homes to view in person. With only one week to spend in Peachtree City, time was limited. Tom and Jo Ann showed me over 20 homes that met our specifications. I found the perfect home on the first day and the Shells took it from there, negotiating the deal, inspection and other details I would need while I was still in town. They maintained close contact through closing which went smoothy. My husband and I were delighted with the experience and will definitely work with the Shells again and give a strong recommendation to our friends in the area who are looking for professional realtors."

- Dan and Bonnie, San Diego

"I was really worried about all of the things I would have to handle until I realized Jo Ann was doing all the work. She made it so easy."

- The Davis Family, Peachtree City

"They are really a great team! If Jo Ann wasn't available, Tom was, or visa-versa. The service was always quick and efficient."

- Corporate Relocation from Seattle

"The Shells were always pro-active. It seemed they always anticipated everything before it needed to be done. I truly believe this was what made the closing go so smoothly."

- Referral from St. Louis

"My husband and I were very demanding and must have looked at over 60 homes before making a decision. Tom was the most patient guy we could have ever had throughout this whole adventure."

- Halackers, Moving from Alabama

"Jo Ann always had the answer to our questions. Her knowledge really kept us from making a bad decision and for that, we will be eternally grateful."

- Transferee from Houston

"We felt like we were really imposing on The Shells by bringing all of our kids along on our home search. Especially when our 4 year old daughter got sick in Tom's car. They were totally unfazed and always accommodating to the end, insisting it needed to be a family decision."

- Mulldoons, Moving from Montreal

"Jo Ann negotiated a sale price on our home that I never had any idea the buyer would agree to pay. I tip my hat to her style and courage in not giving in to the pressure from the selling agent."

- Sue M., Peachtree City Resident

"I had looked at lots of homes in Peachtree City but couldn't find the right one. With time running out and me stranded back in Minnesota, I got a message from my husband saying he had signed a contract on a house I had never seen. It freaked me out! His message said, Jo Ann said you will really like it. Sure enough, when I got to Peachtree City and saw the house, I literally cried! It was perfect!!"

- The Sussmans, Moving from Minnesota

"Heck, I communicated with Tom via the Internet from Germany for over 6 months. When our Government orders finally came through transferring us to Ft. McPherson, our home was already selected and ready for us to move in. How bout that for the World Wide Web!!"

- GSA couple moving from Germany back to U.S.